Jeopardy App for Kindle Fire

Jeopardy for Kindle Fire

As a big fan of Jeopardy App for Kindle fire (including having tried campus tournaments a few years ago), I’m quite disappointed with this application because the answer is DOUBLE CHOICE. This removes many of the difficulties Jeopardy knows because basically you have a 33.3% chance to get the right question just by guessing. So, I feel like I’m playing something more similar to Who Wants to a Millionaire than the classic Jeopardy.

Jeopardy App for Kindle Fire

However, I don’t have a problem with the interface itself (freezing, etc.) as others have done on my Kindle Fire.

Play America’s Favorite Quiz Show anytime, anywhere.

In the new Jeopardy! HD games, you will feel like a real Jeopardy! contestants on America’s Favorite Quiz Show. Test your data in Single Player or vie in Pass & Play multiplayer together with your family and friends. Use the touch screen to write your name on the podium, choose a category and adjust your personal 3D avatar. Listen to the voice of announcer Johnny Gilbert as you go on stage and test your knowledge on topics ranging from popular culture to world history. Featuring more than 2700 instructions from Jeopardy! writer, new Jeopardy! the game optimized for Amazon Kindle Fire puts America’s Favorite Quiz Show in your hands.

Features Jeopardy for Kindle Fire

  • Thousands of hints from Jeopardy! show producer
  • Use Pass & Play multi-player to challenge friends and family
  • Step like a real Jeopardy! contestants, write your name on the podium, and adjust your avatar.

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Latest Update

What’s new in version 2.7.4

For a limited time, play the game Celebrity Jeopardy! Fun hints and categories about celebrities, entertainment and more. The Celebrity Jeopardy! the game includes more than 60 instructions, available from May 7 to May 24 ONLY. Update now and play while you can!

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